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Distance from the apartments 30 min

If you are looking for a cheap house for sale near Montecarlo, discover our flats in Marina degli Aregai, just one hour away from the Principality of Monaco and the beautiful French Riviera.

Famous for its Formula 1 Grand Prix, its majestic Casino, its beaches and the parades of yacths and luxury cars that line its streets, Montecarlo is undoubtedly the iconic district of the Principality of Monaco.
Perched on the Ligurian Sea, amidst skyscrapers, luxury hotels and elite restaurants, Montecarlo has a beautiful neo-Romanesque cathedral, the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, which houses some 16th-century paintings, a green exotic garden with various species of succulent plants from all over the world, and the elegant Princes' Castle, which has dominated the territory since 1191.

What to see in Montecarlo

    The Monte Carlo Casino, symbol of the Principality's elite and a triumph of gold and marble, sculptures and frescoes. The Casino was inaugurated in 1865, following the decision of Prince Charles III, after whom the area is named, to build a casino to restore the state coffers. Its panoramic location makes it perfect for admiring the Monaco Grand Prix circuit.
    The Grand Théâtre de Montecarlo, known as "l'Opéra", is a grandiose theatre that is part of the Casino complex: stucco, gold decorations, lights and a breathtaking stained glass window overlooking the blue Mediterranean.
    The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Montecarlo, in the centre of Monaco, is the city's most important place of worship.
    The old town of Monaco, an almost entirely pedestrianised area, very similar to the small towns in the south of France. Well-kept, rich in history and fascinating views.
    The Palace of the Princes of Monaco, the official residence of the Prince of Monaco, which can only be visited inside in summer.
    The Exotic Garden of Montecarlo, inaugurated in 1933, contains a huge variety of succulent plants, which flourish all year round thanks to their different origins.

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